Belly by Sandra 2

The second volume in Sandra’s popular “Belly By Sandra” DVD series, “Vol. 2: Isolations and Combinations” will rapidly improve your bellydance technique with engaging and fun routines that help find the dancer in even the newest of students.

This extended length 2 hour, 20 -minute DVD starts with all-new isolations and then combines them into short rhythmic sequences that feel more like dancing and less like simple exercises. By practicing and mastering these combinations you will build a vocabulary of techniques that are the foundation of real-world choreography and performance. Continue Reading

By Dancers for Dancers 2

By Dancers For Dancers Volume 2 showcases award-winning, professional dancers in an elegant stage performance setting. All of the featured performers are working professionals whose passion for this art form comes shining through. Featuring:

  • Adriana
  • Ahava
  • Luna
  • Michelle Joyce
  • Nadira
  • Nanna Candelaria
  • Raqs Habibi
  • Sa’diyya
  • Sandra
  • Shanna
  • Shoshanna
  • Zaheea Anan
  • Zari

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Totally Turkish

Turkish Oriental belly dance is fast, furious and full of spunk. In contrast with the more ballet-infused Egyptian stage dancing, movements are big, bold and energetically outward.

Totally Turkish begins with a flow warm up, then moves into technique sections on steps, turns and saucy isolations.

In this DVD, a basic knowledge of belly dance and finger cymbals is assumed. However, the choreography is broken down into small pieces that can easily be drilled and learned with or without finger cymbals.

This choreography is full of fast steps, quick turns, kicks, and sass! For seasoned dancers the choreography is fast, challenging and fun. But don t worry if you are just getting started in belly dance the sections are broken down slowly and drilled extensively for enhanced learning. Continue Reading

Delicious Pauses with Rosa Noreen

3 months pass

Embrace your stillness. The often overlooked element of stillness in dance adds texture, surprise and emotion to a performance. As in all visual arts, negative space must be consciously utilized. When melded with your music, those pauses–sudden & brief or gooey as molasses–keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Plus, your photographer will love you!

Rosa will teach you concepts and methodology, reinforced by combos and exercises towards the application of your newly unlocked skills in an exploration of negative space in movement.

Take your dance to the next level with “Delicious Pauses”! Continue Reading

Mahragan Workshop – 5 minute crash course

Access period: 1 month

This is a short-but-sweet crash course in Cairo mahragan dance. Mahragan is the new style of dance that has swept Cairo since the Egyptian revolution, along with the electronic music it embodies. Learn all you need in just 5 minutes to get started. Continue Reading