Crowd Pleasing Choreo DVD with Zari

DVD Pre-Order: for Fall 2018 Learn a complete short set suitable for party gigs. Entrance, veil, drum solo! Pre-order for September¬†2018 $19.99      

PRE ORDER: Graceful Waist DVD with Zari

DVD Pre-Order: for Winter 2018   Belly dance is graceful from the waist! Learn to curve out your movements and take up space in a generous flowing swirl with Zari Release date October 2018      

Web Design: WordPress customization

Need a new web look or improved functionality? My programming clients include the top names in belly dance: Cheeky Girls Productions; Jillina; the Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive. Together we will define a strategy and choose a template to support… Continue Reading

“Deadly Drum Solo” DVD: 2-Disc Set

Our first DVD was released this spring ! Starring Ruby Beh in the Deadly Drum Solo, with music by Mr. Erik Brown. It is TRICKY and FUN!

12 Meaty Combinations that can be combined into a complete choreography suitable for gig performances, or large theater festival stages. Continue Reading

Bellydance Classes (Walnut Creek, CA)

Learn the art of belly dance! Belly dance (more precisely termed “raqs sharqi” in Arabic) is a beautiful improvisational dance form that takes many forms. Our private boutique studio is conveniently located in downtown Walnut Creek. (Address will be sent… Continue Reading

Combination Nation 2

Aradia – DaVid – Kristina Canizares – Magidah – Maria – Oreet – Sa'diyya – Sandra – Zari
Combination Nation is an instructional dvd featuring dancers from all over the United States. Each instructor shares her favorite, signature-style steps and combinations.

Each combination is broken down facing a mirror, as it would be in an actual workshop or dance class. We then drill each sequence to music for several minutes to allow you plenty of time to pick it up. This DVD is extensively chaptered so that you can skip the explanations and continue on directly to the drills once you are familiar with the breakdowns.

Each combination has its own flavor, which is designed to increase your movement vocabulary and to expand your dance horizons! Continue Reading