Talent Search

We are always looking for new talent. If you think you’d be a good candidate, we’d love to hear from you.

Do’s and Dont’s – The nitty gritty

  • It is not necessary to include your topic idea at this stage, and we discourage doing so until after we have had a chance to review your materials.
  • However as a headsup we are currently not seeking the following topics: Fanveil; Stage presence; Sword.
  • We are very interested in bilingual dancers who can present content in languages beyond English
  • You need to be available to shoot in California or Massachusetts. (Other locations may be considered in compelling circumstances)
  • All content should be original. It can be informed by workshops and private classes you have taken, but it cannot be material belonging to someone else. If you are unsure of where this line is, ask the person you learned it from.
  • RaqsTv allows a budget for music licensing. However this budget will not stretch to covering the cost of mainstream hits. If your idea depends on specific song, take this into consideration
  • We are open to all genres
  • We don’t have age, weight, gender or ethnicity requirements. (But we’re super picky when it comes to professionalism)
  • It is not necessary that your professional references be major “stars”. Use the people who are best qualified to talk about you in a work context (dancewise.) We simply want to screen for talent who can pull their weight, follow directions, and play nicely with others…because without these qualities, talent doesn’t matter.

We’ve kept these directions simple on purpose, so please be sure you are sticking to them in your submission. Thanks!


We try to answer all applicants within 6-8 weeks, although this it sometimes take longer.