Unleash the Beast DVD with Karma Karmelita



“Unleash the Beast: Powerhouse Combinations and Technique” Learn 8 belly dance combinations with instructor Karmelita. Runtime: 1hr, 19min. SD (standard definition)

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“Unleash the Beast: Powerhouse Bellydance Combos and Technique”

Learn 8 Original Combinations

Become a true force to be reckoned with. Dynamic combinations and technique will help set you apart from the rest of the pack as your inner beast surfaces to take charge of the stage. Not only will you learn powerful techniques in movement, but how to demand attention with your mere presence when you enter the arena. Learn to harness this Amazon energy for your personal performance–whether it’s for a 3 minute show or a full 30 minute production!

This instructional involves fast moves, hard stops, strong turns, and muscular taxims–so please be prepared to dance, and dance hard! This instructional is designed for the Intermediate to Advanced bellydancer.

Bring a bottle of water…or two!

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